thecrazycal personal trainerIf the answer is ‘Yes’, Then I can.

Weight training is THE most effective way to change your appearance, combined with a sensible diet and walking.

Want to tone up? Lose body fat? Build muscle?

Then treat yourself to a makeover!

I’m not just another personal or fitness trainer, I specialise in transforming bodies.

Come and train in the unique surroundings of my own private, fully equipped gym for £15 an hour.

I specialise in teaching and training beginners to get results!

Have you lost your mojo?

ben before and after personal training

The answer!

the bodyworks gym personal training

The Truth… The secret is, there is no secret!

There are no magic beans!

rose military press strong personal trainer client

I’m not going to lie to you, its basically bloody hard work, but I’ll do everything I can to enable you to be consistent.

If you can be consistent, you`ll get results.
It`s that simple…

and I like simple…

If you can come and train with me 2x a week, within 4 months you wont need a Personal Trainer.

I teach clients, I don`t beast you into submission and many of my clients continue to train with me because they simply enjoy it.

Just look at Rose having lots of fun!

I’m not one of those Personal Trainers in Norwich who expect you to come forever..

Unless you want to…


I’m looking to provide an effective Personal Training service in the Norwich area for committed individuals who want to transform themselves.

transformation personal training client

Dr.P Cambridge University.

“Offers a brilliant one of a kind service, I have been training with Cal for a year now and have had great one on one time with Cal which has helped my training no end.

A fountain of knowledge on everything fitness which means you get the best value for money. Cal has helped me dramatically change my body with personalized diets and training plans which are tailored to suit me!

Overall a top-class personal trainer who GUARANTEES results!”

It takes one decision to change your life…

extreme nutrition

Douglas Black Owner of Extreme Nutrition Ltd.



“Cal’s knowledge about diet, training, exercise and fitness is superb.

His many years of training have let him try many different approaches to staying in shape and from this he is able to give his pupils the best possible advice.

I thoroughly believe anyone embarking on a fitness regime would benefit greatly from spending time with Cal, most people drop out due to lack of motivation and results.

Cal will keep you motivated and help you attain the body you want.”

<RIP Mate> <Thank You>

Sponsor of Laurence Shaleigh Europes Strongest Man 2016.

<Now that is a serious no bullshit endorsement!>

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