3x A Week Training

3x A Week Training

I over train very quickly if i train 3x a week, so have known i needed to instigate for ages now varying intensity workouts if i do or do 3 one week than a 2.. or whatever variation.

managed 3 last week and kept the workout very simple and did calves and biceps, although intensity was still pretty high it wasnt systemically demanding and compared to bench and my usual deads fairly light as i used more volume than i usually do.
i am trying to increase my calves tolerance to more frequent training, i can get pretty tired legs just doing them 2x a week 🙁 but i seem to be increasing theyre ability to train more frequently.

of course even if weights are progressive its the size increase thats the main thing, i daresay its not difficult for me to stunt growth with too much work.

imo if training a muscle to force it to grow was as simple as doing reps 24×7, 365 days of the year, people would do it if it was a guaranteed formula to work.

anyhoo i did 8 sets on calves, 5 on biceps and that felt enuff.

2 days later, today nothing was aching at all except my back lol so did sldl, chins and calves. i did a pre exhaust on deads with some 1 legged squats with my other leg behind me on a bench, might be called split squats? and a length of the room walking lunges with 2x20kg plates.

i`m very weak on lunges and 1 leggers lol, they didnt aggravate my back it seems, i did 3 slow sets of 10 but didnt use any weight lol, altho ive done a couple of sets previously holding 20`s. theyre hateful (stephanie mcmahon calles them fcuk you`s apparently lol) but i prefer them to sissy squats. i will be doing them this week tho i think, back dependent.

the sldl were done light again at 110kg really focussing on keeping everthing tight and again they felt almost as hard as 140 ish, soo going good and backs not bad right this mo.

6×5 chins, just doing them, last rep of each last set is hard but not brutal, i ve allways felt that leg work hits your back so much more than it does your front i dont have to train my back that hard directly and its just grown..

calves dunno how many sets, i was tbh chatting a bit and had 2 late clients in, but i felt they went good enuff.

felt abit leaner this morning, shoulders seem to be getting a little tighter, havent weighed in for a week, but its dripping off slowly..

anyhoo must remember to vary intensity when i`m doing 3x a week training.