5×5 trap bar cycle


qwertLast workout i had was sldl and for the first time in a while the weights felt pretty light 2x10x135kg, 10x1x155kg.

I`ve taken on board some advice i`ve been given, 1 part of the advice has taken 5 years to fully penetrate, that being to do calves first (well i`ll be doing them second but never ever later in the workout than that), that came from a chap called Paul George who won a British Grand Prix some years back. I have been doing them at that point for a while but not consistently, other than being a creature of habit, no excuses and have wasted a lot fo time when i had the answer already.

The second part of the advice being doing much higher rep sets with very little rest between sets. It`s something i`m going to have to work at to be able to work hard. I hate this format with a passion.

I dont think i gave enough of myself to poundage progression previously and had wanted to be lifting with heavy weights for a good year using a 10 rep format done slow to establish what i was doing wasnt working. It has worked for all other body parts but i think if it was going to work i`d have had better results than I`ve had despite thinking it couldve gone better..

So cheers Craig.. I`m not an easy man to give advice too.

Anyway, 185kg on trap bar today, second week of the training cycle. I will be doing 5×5 to build up the poundages, but again its been suggested i could try 5 3 1 too.

Which I may either end the cycle with or start with after this one.

Weights felt good, back felt ok, even now altho my back can feel it, its a different discomfort to that which box squats gave me..

The difference of a shift in angle or holding the weight below rather than above makes all the difference.

I did what seemed like a shitload of sets of calf raises afters 7? failure every set, which became if I`m honest a pretty easy failure and needs to be pushed harder, but its difficult to transition rep ranges overnite. 20-15-10-10-10-10-10 i think 30-45 secs each set?

I think reps wouldve dropped more if I`d pushed properly.

Then bicep curls 11.25kg db`s, 8 reps a set till i couldnt do another 8, 5 sets i think, as little rest as I could get away with.

I`m going to try cumulative fatigue and volume for calves and bi`s from now on, maybe tri`s too..

I`v got very shapeless arms and it`ll be interesting to see if they look better with a semi permanent pump, which I`ve noticed before when trying out HIT type workouts but again disregarded..

Also definitely leaner since man flu which is good, altho i know ive dropped a few pounds, if training keeps going like this any lost muscle will be back pretty soon.

I`m going to record the last set each week and then stich them together in a vid to see how my form holds together week to week..

I expect it to be the same on week 1 as the last 1 – fingers crossed.