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thecrazycal personal trainerDoes this sound familiar?

I was ¬†made in 1967 and used to love watching “Tarzan” on Saturday mornings Ron Ely was my childhood hero!

I wanted to be just like him, ūüôā But I was¬†a skinny boy¬†and always looked younger than my age and¬†I can remember getting a York Barbell set when¬†I was 10 and a “Bullworker” before that.

Hey! of course I never stuck at it. I was a kid..

But the seeds were set..

I was 24 when I decided to dust off the weights that had been hidden away for a decade… The beauty of iron is, apart from a bit of rust it lasts forever!


young crazycal frame

To be fair  I had a bloody good go at getting bigger. I started out weighing 9.5 stone with a bit of back fat I trained everyday with a like minded mate I`d come across.

We trained 6 days a week, I put some size on and some muscle then¬†couldn’t¬†work out why I felt so awful all the time. Tired, aching body,¬†couldn’t¬†get enough sleep… [ I was working nites by now too]

8 hours felt like a nap and my appetite went. I soldiered on for a while longer – maybe 3 months total from start to finish, then my back started aching ALOT and I had to stop training.

Thank God I did, my body was SCREAMING¬†at me to stop punishing it. I had over trained massively and the worst thing was I¬†didn’t¬†realize¬†it..


thecrazycal build lean muscle bwI then spent alot of money on osteopaths trying to help my back pain which was a major part of my life by now, I was lucky the dead end job I was doing allowed me to rest my back, albeit wrecking my body by my living upside down in the process.

¬†I did however start training again and to keep myself enthused I bought every “Maximuscle” supplement that athletes were getting banned for using. All 100% legal supplements just not allowed for amateur¬†athletes. I figured they had to be good!

I was half right.. I was still massively over training, (only 4 days a week now lol) and I now know how weak these pro hormones were, but they did help me recover more and allowed me to abuse my body with too many workouts a week and and even worse back problem for far longer this time.

t bullets prohormones


Now then, my plan had worked I had gotten a bit bigger, but injuries were still  stopping me training. Instead of giving up, I bided my time and focused on lots of walking which I discovered I could do. [I cant do impact activities at all]

I’d walk for 2 months while I got my back patched up, then train for a month and my back would flare up, osteos, chiros, physios.. I really have seen em all.

Accupuncture I found very helpful on a day to day basis, I was very lucky one of my first clients I trained for free had just been to China and qualified..

 I then basically has to stop work, stress and anxiety from working nites for 10 years in  at times an abusive environment, left me with little self esteem and by now a back problem I could no longer deal with!
calves progress crazycalIncapacity benefits beckoned. Getting paid not to work, practically a holiday!

What a load of old bollocks.. It is horrible continually justifying yourself and after passing the government ¬†“medical,” I¬†ended up on having to look for a job¬†right up until the day of my fusion, but I¬†digress and could for much longer lol..

However it turned out this was the best thing to have happened to me. By chance I stopped visiting back specialists and started a stretching routine my osteopath should have given me in the years I gave him money..

I had unlimited time and no money, but self help doesn`t cost money ūüôā

I read a book called Brawn.

legs bulletsI started training twice a week. Jesus! how crazy is that? In the online world of internet forums I had found myself in this was blasphemous stuff.

I’ve said this elsewhere and it sounds cheesy but it changed my life, yup a book.. and yes mates really take the piss when I say it..

However, I’ve gained their respect with my¬†achievements¬†tho. (well some of them lol)

I discovered that by training less I could add weight to the bar.. sounds simple doesnt it.. It is that simple. You train, you eat and you recover with a good nites sleep… crazy radical stuff.

For the next 3 years I made the progress I could only dream of.. everything was looking great.


crazycal trap bar       I figured if I couldnt work a regular job, but maybe I could work for myself, it seemed like I had a knack for giving training advice.

I was very lucky to meet, train and with Paul George on several occasions, this got me thinking that I could be a Personal Trainer, teaching others how to lift weights and use it to transform theyre¬†bodies. I put some adverts out there asking for “guinea pigs” for me to train people for free – to see if I could do it in the real world and it happens that I surprised myself! I got really good results.

By now I’d finally gotten the NHS to beleive I had a serious back problem and as I suspected ended up having a fusion. This of course put all plans on hold till I’d recovered.

However this did give me time to build a gym, not just a room in a house with a bench a weights, but a proper real hardcore gym, that all my clients use in total privacy.

thecrazycal personal trainerReal equipment that works not because its suddenly cool and in vogue..

I decided to “cut” whilst recovering post op as I didnt want to gain body fat when I was unable to move let alone exercise.¬†This proved to be quite simple altho I`m unsure years later if it was a good idea, but more importantly it allowed me to feel like I was doing something still. (control freak?)

However I did find myself at an all time recent low weight tho of 11 stone. I now spent the next 18months fully recovering, barely training once a week at times and only once pain let me.. I allways stretched tho.

At first I couldnt train legs at all.. Upper body work was minimal. Then finally the bruised feeling went. I could lift again!

thecrazycal bulkingBy this time I was WABBA qualifed [with Top Gun status] fully insured and with regular clients. Now I could show them that I could do what I asked of them. Which I did…
No point in being a Personal Trainer if you cant back up what you say yourself if physically capable.

For only 6 months it turns out. ¬†I¬†didn’t¬†so much get ahead of myself, but whilst trying to find out if my new back liked squatting or not, I found out it¬†didn’t.

We are always learning, but as long as we learn by our mistakes the mistakes aren`t wasted ūüôā and I made a hellova lotta mistakes when I started out!

I`m now only using safe exercises I can do consistently and the more patience I show, the harder my body lets me work. As a result in 2015 I pulled a 600lb trap bar lift.

 The greatest Champions are those who are NOT blessed with the greatest genetics.

The greatest Champions simply travel the furthest.

You just have to be the best you, you can be.

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