Bonus Case Study: Cal.

I could fill this page full of examples of people coming to me, asking for my advice, not taking it and then asking more. As a result, I proactively discourage this behaviour.
This often happens when the client doesn’t get the advice they want to hear. They will choose a trainer that does tell them what they want to hear. This may shock you, but some Personal Trainers will tell you what you want to hear so that they can take your money.
It`s also based on anxiety and overthinking due to poor results on previous attempts.

Me- go for an hours walk. Explaining why and qualifying my choice of activity.
Client- when is the best time?
Me- It doesn’t matter, just do it. However, I walk multiple times a day, as I mentioned.
Client- should I eat beforehand or do it fasted.
Me- It doesn`t matter, just do it. However, I always eat beforehand as I walk multiple times a day; it`s hard, not too.
Client- I`ve heard HIIT is more effective than SSC steady-state cardio, i.e. walking.
Me- It doesn’t matter, just do it. However, I only ever walk due to my back. Do I look, alright?

Each question is based on the client wanting a sexier, more exciting sounding option than walking, something that will burn more fat or build muscle simultaneously and hypothetically.
Most people would die on the most productive regime if there is one, as it would be so brutal, its effectiveness would be in essence, hypothetical, which is what the online fitness world craves.
It`s overthinking/anxiety. You don’t have to think your way out of this situation; this is what you’re paying me for. I will show you how you to do everything to take control, rather than wasting mental energy thinking, what if, or, if only, I hope this works…
I will give you 1+1=2.

I know how effective someone typically is at walking for 1 hour and doing 20 minutes of vomit-inducing HIIT.
You will puke if you do it properly and you`ll underperform initially too and probably not progress and quit.
Everyones keen, till you have to get out at 6 am for your 20 mins of fasted HIIT, in the middle of winter, daily, or going for an hours walk after your tea each evening..
To quote a famous Cult Classic, “can you dig it?”

People usually promote what they like themselves. I encourage what you are most likely to do, consistently, and most likely to get the most bang for your buck.
IE you`ll get out what you put in, rather than kill yourself for little reward due to your current limitations.
This is based on my observations training real people for ten years, not based on a study, of which an opposing study is always available.

Anyhoo, I digress enthusiastically.. The vast majority of my clients are lovely! As am I!

Dont be an Askhole.