Trap Bar Training Cycle

Trap Bar Training Cycle

Well trap bar is going good!

I`ve been recording the last set of 5×5 each week to monitor my form, but today i tried my first heavy single for several years.

When the cycle of 5×5 is over i`ll put the first week and last week sets back to back to show it`s not only possible to keep your form when weights get heavy, but imperative.

When you lose form you lose efficiency, so you lift less and make it harder to lift less too.

There are no caveats for poor form!

I pulled 200kg today 5×5 and altho cadence is obviously a little slower the footprint of my lift isnt changing.

Fat loss is dripping away nicely, another half notch down on the belt today even if it was only before meal 1 lol, but post training in the mirror is showing improvements practically every week.

Total cals are around 27000, macros 50% C, 30% P, 20% F (ish) at the stage i`m at now ive no interest in any more detail than that, i know how i`m trimming cals slowly is working, i`m holding muscle better than expected, numbers are great if theyre your thing lol, but all i need to know is the amount im eating and the amount i`m slowly removing..

its abit like knowing your exact bodyfat percentage, being 10 or 11%? does it matter? or does what really matter boil down to what you see in the mirror and tape measure?

I am still tempted to up carbs to 60% because so far cutting on 50 30 20 has gone equally as well as 40 40 20 and its more palatable.

imo most people cock theyre diets up trying too hard, trying to do a diet they either dont understand because theyre a beginnner on an advanced diet and/or they cant stick to it.

Then claim the diet doesnt work “for them” as an “individual” because they interpreted it wrongly. Namely because diet and calories needed are heavily linked to training/cardio frequency and recovery.

Food doesnt eliminate the need for rest and lack of rest fcuks the metabolism heavily, making condition harder to achieve because your body is fighting you more than it will with the right recipe.

anyhoo lol Selfie in a cage… i deserve one..

personal trainer selfie


RIP Milo

RIP Milo


1 of those horrible moments on FB today as i scrolled down the page and read RIP Milo, a good mates dogs and always upsetting for me as well when that happens.

I`m thinking of you mate…


Bench 5x5x72.5kg which was easy, when i did the weight 8 odd weeks back it wasnt lol, so despite losing abit of strength from man flu by dropping back i can tell how much my strength has increased.

Tried 5 or 6 set of 8 reps with thick handled 15kg db`s only last set was failure, a minute maybe in between sets.

10×8 dips

4? sets of tricep pushdowns 20kg 8 reps a set only really hitting failure on last set.

I want to keep my main upper body workout less demanding than the trap and deadlift ones.

Im really aiming for a lighthard and super hard thereby cycling intensity.. i usually peak all my exercises at the same time which i know is wrong..

Backs not too bad, not great but pretty good for my back lol..

Ohhh Yeeeah another mates being doing me an intro for my videos.. Thanks Dave 🙂

5×5 trap bar cycle


qwertLast workout i had was sldl and for the first time in a while the weights felt pretty light 2x10x135kg, 10x1x155kg.

I`ve taken on board some advice i`ve been given, 1 part of the advice has taken 5 years to fully penetrate, that being to do calves first (well i`ll be doing them second but never ever later in the workout than that), that came from a chap called Paul George who won a British Grand Prix some years back. I have been doing them at that point for a while but not consistently, other than being a creature of habit, no excuses and have wasted a lot fo time when i had the answer already.

The second part of the advice being doing much higher rep sets with very little rest between sets. It`s something i`m going to have to work at to be able to work hard. I hate this format with a passion.

I dont think i gave enough of myself to poundage progression previously and had wanted to be lifting with heavy weights for a good year using a 10 rep format done slow to establish what i was doing wasnt working. It has worked for all other body parts but i think if it was going to work i`d have had better results than I`ve had despite thinking it couldve gone better..

So cheers Craig.. I`m not an easy man to give advice too.

Anyway, 185kg on trap bar today, second week of the training cycle. I will be doing 5×5 to build up the poundages, but again its been suggested i could try 5 3 1 too.

Which I may either end the cycle with or start with after this one.

Weights felt good, back felt ok, even now altho my back can feel it, its a different discomfort to that which box squats gave me..

The difference of a shift in angle or holding the weight below rather than above makes all the difference.

I did what seemed like a shitload of sets of calf raises afters 7? failure every set, which became if I`m honest a pretty easy failure and needs to be pushed harder, but its difficult to transition rep ranges overnite. 20-15-10-10-10-10-10 i think 30-45 secs each set?

I think reps wouldve dropped more if I`d pushed properly.

Then bicep curls 11.25kg db`s, 8 reps a set till i couldnt do another 8, 5 sets i think, as little rest as I could get away with.

I`m going to try cumulative fatigue and volume for calves and bi`s from now on, maybe tri`s too..

I`v got very shapeless arms and it`ll be interesting to see if they look better with a semi permanent pump, which I`ve noticed before when trying out HIT type workouts but again disregarded..

Also definitely leaner since man flu which is good, altho i know ive dropped a few pounds, if training keeps going like this any lost muscle will be back pretty soon.

I`m going to record the last set each week and then stich them together in a vid to see how my form holds together week to week..

I expect it to be the same on week 1 as the last 1 – fingers crossed.

Man Flu

man fluWell ended up losing a week of training due to man flu, couple of clients came down with it too..
So not only did i lose 2lbs in weight which i didnt want to happen, i lost money too..

I go out of my way not to have clients cross infect each other and if i`m not as proactive as i am i`d have lost work next week too..

So nothing pisses me off more when someone makes me out to be Howard Hughes or OCD germ phobic, cos i`m not.

In other countries employees arent allowed to work if theyre ill, because it increase time off and decreases productivity, but its still looked at as a good thing if someone soldiers on, goes into work, and spreads theyre cold to everyone else.

Anyhoo, nearly trained yesterday, but felt abit lazy/weak? n 1 day doesnt change anything.. so i trained today, had a good workout and job done. Yes i did mentally tousle with myself yesterday about not training, but thats just ego.

Tried box squats as randomly thats what i fancied doing over trap bar, its the first time ive done them since the new osteo.. nothings changed, i can feel it in my back now, such a shame because they`re easily my preferred squat and seem to put out what i put in..

But thats the final experiment unless i`m imagining how its feeling.

Just didnt fancy trap for some reason, probly due to feeling abit lazy n new it`d probly have been a harder workout, squats were 5x5x100kg and very light feeling.

Bench press 5×5 at 70kg ended up doing 6x6x10x6x9, cos it was there..

This was a drop back from 82kg n i was concerned how hard it`d feel..

I was very pleased how easy it felt as i`d started the cycle at 5x5x70kg and it`d felt hard from week 1, when you drop back it should be easier and it was even after the cold..

Me and the training partner of the day had both had the cold, workout was quite chatty and slow paced and time was getting on so we then banged out 3 sets of ez curl for bi`s and triceps pushdowns.

We were both very pleased how the first workout back felt. It`s always a bugger dropping weights back when its all getting interesting but sometimes its just got to be done..

I`ve restarted out too high, too many times and given my self nowhere to go too many times in the past to keep making the same mistakes however hard it is to implement the drop…

Sometimes you just have to keep plodding away being patient and just nugding the numbers up slower than you want too..

Tortoise and the hare…


Magnet Therapy To Aid Injuries

magnet therapy norwich

Magnet Therapy To Aid Injuries

When military pressing the other week i got a direct pain in my elbow joint, never had it before and it mightve been a one off, but i bought a magnetic sleeve (taped a magnet on my elbow initially till it arrived) and the pain has gone.

MIght`ve been luck, but also the tennis elbow ive had for 8 weeks has definitely gotten better, its taken 10 days to reach the conclusion so it wasnt an over nite thing, but i`m carrying on wearing it till its gone.

The sleeve is far more comfortable than a traditional tennis/golf elbow strap, but I`d still try using it if all else fails. I`ve forgotten to tape a magnet over my back where i`m fused already but should kick myself up the arse and start trying it again.

Won`t work for everyone, but until you try it you wont know if you`re one of the lucky ones.

Speaking generally i think too many people take as gospel what only works for the few, usually cos it taps into what they want to hear..

Usually because for whatever reason they cant get the tried and tested methods to work.

Tried and tested still arent idiot proof..

Deads will build size allover, squats will build allover size too, bench press does build your chest and arms, military press will build your shoulders and arms, chins will build your back, biceps and alot of the rest of your upper body.
They wont do shit if you cant add weight to the bar or increase intensity…

Most people kid themselves they do one or the other and then start lurching from one sexed up format to another..

If supersets give ya a good pump, fcuk me giant sets must be even better.. pump shmump, that alone doesnt build muscle, but it might do for a few.. so if someone mentions a good pump on a forum fellow nongainers leap all over it..
Even better when a big guy says it, but they dont see the heavy compounds he ripped through before he did the isolation shit..

AAnyhoo this week I`ve been helping a mate who competes at a national level improve squatting form, it`s gone very well, but more about that another time.

Back to training 2x a week this week and last, I hurt my back abit and have just trained deads or trap bar 1x aweek, both hit lower back hard and hitting it 1 time feels right..

I abbreviated todays workout further by knocking triceps altogether, calf work is getting hard, bench was 5x5x82kg, i`ll be dropping down to 3×5 at some point i think mainly cos it`ll keep progression going for longer, but also to keep some intensity off the workout as i want to put more into trap bar and deads days.

The heavier i go, the less volume i`ll use.



Return of the Trap (bar)

Trap (bar)

The Trap Bar, the only way I discovered to train legs pre fusion.

Dismissed post fusion trying everyway possible to squat… In retrospect a fcuking dumbass thing to do.

Previous lifts have been 255kg as a partial single, 20×220 partial singles, 10x200kg, 3x10x190kg only last year.

Everytime I`ve demonstrated trap bar form the bars felt bloody heavy lol so given that and my new osteopath treatments success I thought I`d take it easy..
In the past that`d probly mean starting out at 200kg (partial) but I started out at 180kg instead.

So the plan was to do 30 single reps assuming all went well. I got 20 reps pretty easy, so I did the last 10 reps in 2 sets of 5 with a pause in between each rep.

Calves 4x10x57.5kg with a seconds pause at the bottom of each rep, probly need to improve the contraction at the top to a full second too..

Easy to have a quick clench when you`re screaming like a hamster being castrated on your last reps, or even the last 8 reps.

I took it easy on back work, 2 sets of laying pulldowns and  sets of widegrip, golf elbow was apparent but the direct joint pain has gone fingers crossed.

Anyhoo trap bar every week now along with sldl.

Current routine depending on whether I`m managing 3x a week or 2x aweek.


sldl 3×10 or some singles instead of last set

calves 4-8 sets of 10

biceps 4-6 sets dumbells and ez bar

chest 5×5

shoulders 3 sets of db press or military press. Failure each set

triceps 2 sets of dips, 2 sets of close grip thick db`s,  2 sets of pushdowns F

trap bar dunno the format yet maybe 20 singles

calves 4-8 sets of 10

back 4-6 sets of pulldowns close grip and wide sometimes chins elbows permitting


trap bar








Same rep formats but probably for less sets per exercises.

Potentially a week could be 25 sets all told.


Osteopaths and lower back pain

osteopaths lower back pain weight training

I`ve been using the same chiropractor for many years now and he manages my lower back pain as well as I`ve been led to expect.

One of my clients went to see, and had such a remarkable result starting from his first session I thought I`d give them a go too..

Felt a bit unfaithful tbh lol, same result for me, bloody brilliant!

My back now feels better than it has in the 10 years all told pre and post fusion. Early days of course, Lisa the osteo didnt do anything I`d not had done before, (as far as I`m aware but I`m not the expert) there`s obviously some pain still, but a different less intense pain. Totally different type of discomfort and my client reports exactly the same sense of feeling and well being..

So fingers crossed.

osteopaths lower back pain slow cut minimal muscle atrophyEver since the beginning of the year when i decided to back off upper body work to a degree to leave more energy and recovery for legs, my backs been so shit all year I`ve had no choice but to refocus on upper body.

That didnt work that well imo mainly down to back pain but because it took me a while to realise my legwork was going  knowhere. Arse kicked and training spreadsheet done every workout again.
Main result was i appear to have lost 20kg of my bench and also dropped a couple of reps.

However, I`ve still dropped a slow 10 ish lb`s this year since January and I dont think I`ve lost any muscle as I`m improving as I`m getting leaner and looking better for it..

lol IMO…


3x A Week Training

3x A Week Training

I over train very quickly if i train 3x a week, so have known i needed to instigate for ages now varying intensity workouts if i do or do 3 one week than a 2.. or whatever variation.

managed 3 last week and kept the workout very simple and did calves and biceps, although intensity was still pretty high it wasnt systemically demanding and compared to bench and my usual deads fairly light as i used more volume than i usually do.
i am trying to increase my calves tolerance to more frequent training, i can get pretty tired legs just doing them 2x a week 🙁 but i seem to be increasing theyre ability to train more frequently.

of course even if weights are progressive its the size increase thats the main thing, i daresay its not difficult for me to stunt growth with too much work.

imo if training a muscle to force it to grow was as simple as doing reps 24×7, 365 days of the year, people would do it if it was a guaranteed formula to work.

anyhoo i did 8 sets on calves, 5 on biceps and that felt enuff.

2 days later, today nothing was aching at all except my back lol so did sldl, chins and calves. i did a pre exhaust on deads with some 1 legged squats with my other leg behind me on a bench, might be called split squats? and a length of the room walking lunges with 2x20kg plates.

i`m very weak on lunges and 1 leggers lol, they didnt aggravate my back it seems, i did 3 slow sets of 10 but didnt use any weight lol, altho ive done a couple of sets previously holding 20`s. theyre hateful (stephanie mcmahon calles them fcuk you`s apparently lol) but i prefer them to sissy squats. i will be doing them this week tho i think, back dependent.

the sldl were done light again at 110kg really focussing on keeping everthing tight and again they felt almost as hard as 140 ish, soo going good and backs not bad right this mo.

6×5 chins, just doing them, last rep of each last set is hard but not brutal, i ve allways felt that leg work hits your back so much more than it does your front i dont have to train my back that hard directly and its just grown..

calves dunno how many sets, i was tbh chatting a bit and had 2 late clients in, but i felt they went good enuff.

felt abit leaner this morning, shoulders seem to be getting a little tighter, havent weighed in for a week, but its dripping off slowly..

anyhoo must remember to vary intensity when i`m doing 3x a week training.

Muscle Focus Focus

The more i focus on the muscles i`m working the more i can lift, similarly the tighter i keep my muscles (not just the ones i`m focussing on using) the more i can lift.

Obvious of course, but there keeping it tight and keeping it TIGHT, then recruiting more tension each week. I think about the bodies muscles being made up like fibre optic lights and firstly during an exercise you learn to turn them all on, then as reps get harder you get them to glow harder and harder.
Most clients fibre optic lights flash in and off as they complete the ROM, the more practiced they become the better they get at lighting them all up and then glowing like theyre nuclear 🙂

If your reading this thinking yeah yeah i`m tight, chances are youve got room for improvement. i get so i can see where the next improvements coming from, but i allways assume theres more to come. i havent looked back since ive been focussing on it.

So back was tight still Sunday 🙁 so did light sldl at 100kg for 5 sets with shortish rests for me.. but by focussing on keeping tighter than i can manage 50kg heavier i was pretty fcuked after the sets by using my muscles as the extra resistance.
Really noticed how my traps kept tight thru out almost like a contracted shrug much better than at a greater weight and was pretty sore the next day.
Tried some chins but my elbow feels lacking in power so i did a variety of pulldowns all to failure. ive got a pulley set up using car winch pulleys that literally sucks any generated momentum out of the lift, whihc is good, but v v hard.
Then i did calves for 5 sets. They getting worked hard at differing weights but due to sometimes using them as a starting exercise when i use more ive not got proper progression going yet, but i`m feeling unusually optimistic about how calves are going.
The same cant be said for my hamstring growth.

i have realised i havent been able to train my legs as hard as i can my upper body for a long time, mainly thru experimenting and getting nowhere.

personal trainer norwich progress fat lossAnyhoo, todays workout.

bench 4x100kg 5x90kg 6x80kg 11x70kg 13x60kg with only about 2 mins rest each set, v pleased getting a 4 given i`m just trying weights out for a change, i like the format, you het some heavy reps in and some hi rep sets too. i do better on low than hi reps, my training partner smashed me at 70 and 60 but couldnt deal with heavy.

I`m very tempted to try 110kg for a single as thats what 4 reps calculates to. i`m now writing numbers i never thought i`d be contemplating.
the 4 was easy but i`d never have got a fifth to equal my pb, but i never expected to, i know in a cycle i could tho, but i am sposed to be simply maintaining upper bits lol but while my backs not good i dont mind.

thickhandled db press 12x12x12x17kg each rep just touching my shoulder.
close grip db 11x9x27kg
2 sets of pushdowns.

Im slowly getting leaner.. slow is good, it minimises muscle loss altho often i think people just dont have as much muscle as they think and is greatly exagerated. i`m lucky i dont have a deadline and as what im doing is taking zero effort i`ll just let bf drop as it will.. i`m happy to hit my goals september or june..