Covid 19 bllx

Due to the current debacle going on I`m not allowed to train clients and my gym is closed.

However, I have already had ex clients ringing me, new clients wanting to train with me and my existing ones, so the waiting list is in effect.
If I have 20 people waiting to start, I cant just have everyone in the day lockdown is over.
So, in the meantime anyone still wanting to start, after you`ve paid a deposit to join the list, I will go through your food for free now.  This will allow me to work through the list much more quickly and you to start getting results immediately.
It will also allow me to weed out anyone who`s not serious and making serious clients wait even longer.

I do not want to take your money or waste my time if you`re not up for this or at least to give it a damned good go.

Phone/Whatsapp Cal on 07884160663

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The Bodyworks, 2a Ladysmith Road, (off Silver Road) Norwich, NR3 4TN

The first step.

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 I`d like prospective clients to come and meet me before booking a session to discuss they`re goals and expectations.

I`ll outline my methods and my expectations for what it will take to get the results you want.

I can appreciate the prospect might be quite nerve racking, but I`m quite nice lol.

I`ve trained previous clients where I was more serious about their training than they were…

That didn`t work for them or me.


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Was a student who worked hard and trained with me for 10 weeks.

That change cost him £200! How much have you spent on supps????


beth deadlift client endorsement.


“Fabulous gym to match the trainer.

Recommended highly to any female who is interested in weight lifting and feels intimidated in other gyms.

It’s personal and private which is what I was looking for to gain my confidence.

Well over a 5* recommendation from me. 🙂 “

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