Super short version.

Your total calories eaten in a day is dependent on how many calories you burn.
Do this.
Buy a FitBit.
Sync it with My Fitness Pal.

Eat 500 calories less than you burn.
Make sure a quarter of your calories are coming from protein.


The longer version

cal personal trainerWith simple common sense and a fraction of the will power that low-calorie food diets or boot camp style exercise demand, you can make dramatic, lasting changes to your body.

By simply eating more frequently and swapping your foods to a diet higher in proteins, using foods such as lean meats fish, eggs, milk, beans, nuts etc., having short daily walks and 8 hours sleep each night you can make these changes.

The answer is to use foods you already like, as the best food plan is the one you can stick to consistently, your body will then begin working more efficiently as nature intended.
You don’t need point systems or coloured days, just plain old fashioned common sense.

To get the best results, I teach my clients to transform their bodies with simple weight training exercises and follow a simple diet. It`s ideal for men and women of all ages, shapes and sizes, and the simplest way to get maximum progress, resulting in visible changes in your body.

More precisely its a set of parameters, which I think in a gun to their heads scenario, most trainers would agree with, in the broadest terms.

These are the diet/training and cardio rules you’ve heard about. Yet there’s so much confusing information out there, that you don’t know what to believe.

This is not a Boot Camp experience ladies and gentleman.

As I believe in the stimulation of the body, not annihilation
Through personal experiences, I’ve made nearly all the mistakes out there and then learnt by them. I`ve gone from being one of those people, who however hard they tried, got absolutely nowhere… to moderating on one of the largest UK weight training web sites for 5 years.

How times change, and they will, for you…

Firstly I`d like to dispel a myth about the rapid weight loss promised by many articles and Personal Trainers. Essentially they`re telling you what you want to hear.

You know the adage if it’s too good to be true it usually is.
So, for every gram of carbohydrates, you eat, your body will retain an amount of water. A low carb diet will bring about weight loss due to the body retaining less water and yes you will lose 10 lbs of weight in 14 days.

However, a low carb diet isn’t usually maintainable for long periods of time, and if you can’t be consistent, all the lost weight will return.  You`re then back to square 1 or possibly worse having gained weight from initial extra eating due to the unimaginable cravings.

A low carb diet eliminates starchy carbs, i.e. bread, pasta, rice, potatoes. That`s why the thought of some crisps would have you salivating…

However, most people who go low carb actually make a classic mistake of actually going low carb AND low calories.

A low carb, high fat diet is easier to stick too, if it suits your taste palate..  I  like carbs, but high-fat high protein diets definitely work.

The common-sense approach.

So we`re eating a good clean diet including foods which are naturally high in protein with a small/moderate amount of healthy fats and a MODERATE amount of carbs. The simplest way to boost protein intake is to use a protein powder even in supermarkets these days.

A moderate amount of carbs will allow us to have plenty of energy, yet not crave them. We will eat 5-6 small meals a day equally distributing carbs, fats, and proteins so we`ll have stable levels throughout the day thereby eliminating the “afternoon crash” when you`d give anything to have a nap.

I find fats take care of themselves.

blender musclePorridge with a scoop of protein powder

or 2eggs on toast & milk.

Tuna and an apple

Chicken salad sandwich & milk

Nuts and a banana(this will eliminate the afternoon crash)

Chicken stir fry with noodles(Spaghetti bolognese/shepherds pie/or similar would suffice)

A scoop of protein, or cottage cheese, nuts, tuna etc

Swap foods of the same type in and out of meals for variety.
This is, of course, an elementary example of how we`d go about your food, there`s plenty of room for improvement on the example for more advanced trainers.


beth future champ
She`s gonna win something!

I wrote this nearly 4 years ago now, and I put a similar diet up on Facebook for beginners last week.

It`s a solid BEGINNERS plan.

I haven`t added an advanced trainers diet because I could easily have googled it or used a friends diet, which proves nothing.

A beginners diet is far harder to find because hardly anyone thinks like a beginner…

Set yourself up for success and learn consistency, then advance.

My last tip would be to download My Fitness Pal.

You scan in your food, and it breaks down how much protein, carbs and fats you`ve eaten and will also give them as a percentage.

Essentially, you`re after 25% of your calories from protein, the remaining 75% of calories as long as your carbs and fats don’t drop below 25%, can be made up of whatever % your taste prefers.

These percentages or “macros” will allow you to lose a higher percentage of fat rather than muscle and fat loss or conversely add lean muscle rather than just getting fatter if gaining weight.

Of course, cardio and or weight training will have to accompany this.

The final caveat is that you must either be in a slight deficit or surplus of calories depending on your goal.

Your total calories eaten in a day is dependent on how many calories you burn.
Do this.
Buy a FitBit.
Sync it with My Fitness Pal.

Eat 500 calories less than you burn.
Make sure a quarter of your calories are coming from protein.

This is where most people get it wrong.

Ideally, you will be eating as many calories as possible, yet still, lose weight or as few calories as needed to gain weight, so you minimize fat gain.

Eat too little (a frequent mistake), and your metabolism will fcuk you and stop weight loss.

Eat too much, and you`ll increase your body fat.

This is a rough guide only, and all I`ve done is give a one for all plan as best as I can and in the simplest way to follow.

Of course, I can advise on all levels from beginner to advanced, and you`ve only to ask for more detail, and I`ll supply it.

Good Luck… Cal.