Magnet Therapy To Aid Injuries

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Magnet Therapy To Aid Injuries

When military pressing the other week i got a direct pain in my elbow joint, never had it before and it mightve been a one off, but i bought a magnetic sleeve (taped a magnet on my elbow initially till it arrived) and the pain has gone.

MIght`ve been luck, but also the tennis elbow ive had for 8 weeks has definitely gotten better, its taken 10 days to reach the conclusion so it wasnt an over nite thing, but i`m carrying on wearing it till its gone.

The sleeve is far more comfortable than a traditional tennis/golf elbow strap, but I`d still try using it if all else fails. I`ve forgotten to tape a magnet over my back where i`m fused already but should kick myself up the arse and start trying it again.

Won`t work for everyone, but until you try it you wont know if you`re one of the lucky ones.

Speaking generally i think too many people take as gospel what only works for the few, usually cos it taps into what they want to hear..

Usually because for whatever reason they cant get the tried and tested methods to work.

Tried and tested still arent idiot proof..

Deads will build size allover, squats will build allover size too, bench press does build your chest and arms, military press will build your shoulders and arms, chins will build your back, biceps and alot of the rest of your upper body.
They wont do shit if you cant add weight to the bar or increase intensity…

Most people kid themselves they do one or the other and then start lurching from one sexed up format to another..

If supersets give ya a good pump, fcuk me giant sets must be even better.. pump shmump, that alone doesnt build muscle, but it might do for a few.. so if someone mentions a good pump on a forum fellow nongainers leap all over it..
Even better when a big guy says it, but they dont see the heavy compounds he ripped through before he did the isolation shit..

AAnyhoo this week I`ve been helping a mate who competes at a national level improve squatting form, it`s gone very well, but more about that another time.

Back to training 2x a week this week and last, I hurt my back abit and have just trained deads or trap bar 1x aweek, both hit lower back hard and hitting it 1 time feels right..

I abbreviated todays workout further by knocking triceps altogether, calf work is getting hard, bench was 5x5x82kg, i`ll be dropping down to 3×5 at some point i think mainly cos it`ll keep progression going for longer, but also to keep some intensity off the workout as i want to put more into trap bar and deads days.

The heavier i go, the less volume i`ll use.