Man Flu

man fluWell ended up losing a week of training due to man flu, couple of clients came down with it too..
So not only did i lose 2lbs in weight which i didnt want to happen, i lost money too..

I go out of my way not to have clients cross infect each other and if i`m not as proactive as i am i`d have lost work next week too..

So nothing pisses me off more when someone makes me out to be Howard Hughes or OCD germ phobic, cos i`m not.

In other countries employees arent allowed to work if theyre ill, because it increase time off and decreases productivity, but its still looked at as a good thing if someone soldiers on, goes into work, and spreads theyre cold to everyone else.

Anyhoo, nearly trained yesterday, but felt abit lazy/weak? n 1 day doesnt change anything.. so i trained today, had a good workout and job done. Yes i did mentally tousle with myself yesterday about not training, but thats just ego.

Tried box squats as randomly thats what i fancied doing over trap bar, its the first time ive done them since the new osteo.. nothings changed, i can feel it in my back now, such a shame because they`re easily my preferred squat and seem to put out what i put in..

But thats the final experiment unless i`m imagining how its feeling.

Just didnt fancy trap for some reason, probly due to feeling abit lazy n new it`d probly have been a harder workout, squats were 5x5x100kg and very light feeling.

Bench press 5×5 at 70kg ended up doing 6x6x10x6x9, cos it was there..

This was a drop back from 82kg n i was concerned how hard it`d feel..

I was very pleased how easy it felt as i`d started the cycle at 5x5x70kg and it`d felt hard from week 1, when you drop back it should be easier and it was even after the cold..

Me and the training partner of the day had both had the cold, workout was quite chatty and slow paced and time was getting on so we then banged out 3 sets of ez curl for bi`s and triceps pushdowns.

We were both very pleased how the first workout back felt. It`s always a bugger dropping weights back when its all getting interesting but sometimes its just got to be done..

I`ve restarted out too high, too many times and given my self nowhere to go too many times in the past to keep making the same mistakes however hard it is to implement the drop…

Sometimes you just have to keep plodding away being patient and just nugding the numbers up slower than you want too..

Tortoise and the hare…