Muscle Focus Focus

The more i focus on the muscles i`m working the more i can lift, similarly the tighter i keep my muscles (not just the ones i`m focussing on using) the more i can lift.

Obvious of course, but there keeping it tight and keeping it TIGHT, then recruiting more tension each week. I think about the bodies muscles being made up like fibre optic lights and firstly during an exercise you learn to turn them all on, then as reps get harder you get them to glow harder and harder.
Most clients fibre optic lights flash in and off as they complete the ROM, the more practiced they become the better they get at lighting them all up and then glowing like theyre nuclear 🙂

If your reading this thinking yeah yeah i`m tight, chances are youve got room for improvement. i get so i can see where the next improvements coming from, but i allways assume theres more to come. i havent looked back since ive been focussing on it.

So back was tight still Sunday 🙁 so did light sldl at 100kg for 5 sets with shortish rests for me.. but by focussing on keeping tighter than i can manage 50kg heavier i was pretty fcuked after the sets by using my muscles as the extra resistance.
Really noticed how my traps kept tight thru out almost like a contracted shrug much better than at a greater weight and was pretty sore the next day.
Tried some chins but my elbow feels lacking in power so i did a variety of pulldowns all to failure. ive got a pulley set up using car winch pulleys that literally sucks any generated momentum out of the lift, whihc is good, but v v hard.
Then i did calves for 5 sets. They getting worked hard at differing weights but due to sometimes using them as a starting exercise when i use more ive not got proper progression going yet, but i`m feeling unusually optimistic about how calves are going.
The same cant be said for my hamstring growth.

i have realised i havent been able to train my legs as hard as i can my upper body for a long time, mainly thru experimenting and getting nowhere.

personal trainer norwich progress fat lossAnyhoo, todays workout.

bench 4x100kg 5x90kg 6x80kg 11x70kg 13x60kg with only about 2 mins rest each set, v pleased getting a 4 given i`m just trying weights out for a change, i like the format, you het some heavy reps in and some hi rep sets too. i do better on low than hi reps, my training partner smashed me at 70 and 60 but couldnt deal with heavy.

I`m very tempted to try 110kg for a single as thats what 4 reps calculates to. i`m now writing numbers i never thought i`d be contemplating.
the 4 was easy but i`d never have got a fifth to equal my pb, but i never expected to, i know in a cycle i could tho, but i am sposed to be simply maintaining upper bits lol but while my backs not good i dont mind.

thickhandled db press 12x12x12x17kg each rep just touching my shoulder.
close grip db 11x9x27kg
2 sets of pushdowns.

Im slowly getting leaner.. slow is good, it minimises muscle loss altho often i think people just dont have as much muscle as they think and is greatly exagerated. i`m lucky i dont have a deadline and as what im doing is taking zero effort i`ll just let bf drop as it will.. i`m happy to hit my goals september or june..