Osteopaths and lower back pain

osteopaths lower back pain weight training

I`ve been using the same chiropractor for many years now and he manages my lower back pain as well as I`ve been led to expect.

One of my clients went to see www.norwichosteopaths.co.uk, and had such a remarkable result starting from his first session I thought I`d give them a go too..

Felt a bit unfaithful tbh lol, same result for me, bloody brilliant!

My back now feels better than it has in the 10 years all told pre and post fusion. Early days of course, Lisa the osteo didnt do anything I`d not had done before, (as far as I`m aware but I`m not the expert) there`s obviously some pain still, but a different less intense pain. Totally different type of discomfort and my client reports exactly the same sense of feeling and well being..

So fingers crossed.

osteopaths lower back pain slow cut minimal muscle atrophyEver since the beginning of the year when i decided to back off upper body work to a degree to leave more energy and recovery for legs, my backs been so shit all year I`ve had no choice but to refocus on upper body.

That didnt work that well imo mainly down to back pain but because it took me a while to realise my legwork was going  knowhere. Arse kicked and training spreadsheet done every workout again.
Main result was i appear to have lost 20kg of my bench and also dropped a couple of reps.

However, I`ve still dropped a slow 10 ish lb`s this year since January and I dont think I`ve lost any muscle as I`m improving as I`m getting leaner and looking better for it..

lol IMO…