Prices for Personal Training

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Maryam. National powerlifter

I charge £20 per session leading to £15 at my discretion.

Waiting List

Dependent on how busy I am, or the time of day you require Personal Training, there may be a waiting list-usually no more than a month.

Sadly Due to Covid and social distancing, I`m only having two people at a time in the gym so have had to increase my pricing.

I charge £40 for the first workout and require an initial deposit of £20.
I will set your diet, your cardio, explain and take you through your training routine. Then continue to help you to track your diet and training each workout.
Due to Covid I will start your food and activity plan for you immediately, as I`d like your immune system to be as perky as possible and in good stead for your training.

I will do this for free altho it’s usually an ongoing process as is training itself.

Please allow 2 hours for your first workout.

I then charge £20 per workout.
You will train 2x a week. (usually either Monday/Thursday or Tuesday /Friday, or if I`m busy Wednesday/Sunday)
That`s a monthly fee of £160.

Can you afford to do this?

I will offer a 3rd free workout per week at my discretion when earned or warranted and a price reduction to £15.
This price would bring your monthly fee of £120.
Can you afford to do this?

This is heavily linked to your desire to learn, not just your performance. You cant put a price on keen!

Gym fees are to be paid one month in advance, with ALL cancellations sadly being charged for. When you eat properly, it`s rare to get a cold and no one I train wants to miss workouts.

It`s rare for successful clients to cancel. 🙂

Stuff I will do for free.

Soo, You`ve made it past my pricing!

If you have a question about training, or you`d like me to write you a routine I`m happy to help.
You might not need a routine, but need to be shown how to correctly interpret the routine, any proven routine that is, and that`s not a big deal. (Altho be wary of Instagram routines)

I`m happy to set your food and show you how to eat, even if you have no intention of doing any exercise. (Bad plan)
It’s not the big deal and its made out to be and that`s a very sad state of affairs for an average person wanting to lose the first couple stone on their journey.
It’s only the last stone that`s hard and no-one I talk to needs striated glutes! (apart from Rebekah)

If you ask my advice I will give it and you`ll find even for free I`m happy to put in as much enthusiasm and effort as you.
However I`m not dragging you in off the street to brainwash you with my thoughts, so if you don’t like my advice, don’t take it.

If you ask a question and I give you an answer and you then ask 10 more hypothetical answers before you’ve tried my advice, you`ll receive no more advice.
I`ve no interest in talking to askholes. Please “click here” for my further definition.

If I can give you results for you free, what do YOU think will happen as a client?


transformation personal trainer

M`s arms cost her six months of hard work, and she never skipped meals or workouts.

It`s not how committed you are on day 1. It’s how committed you are on week 10… 20… 30…

I can help you be consistent, but it still takes hard work and self-discipline from you.

If you think you’ve got what it takes, why not phone me for a chat or drop in for a coffee and I`ll take you through my methods.

 So how much do you want to change?

build muscle personal training


I have an extremely eclectic stable of clients who trained with me over the years.

plumber web designer drag queen photographer NLP area manager  IT consultant engineer

lawyer bricklayer porn star chef   window fitter social worker a very rich dude warehouse manager model

pro gambler international goalkeeper orthopaedic surgeon dr. p physicist personal trainer philosopher (no job)

film producer carpet fitter Swedish street dancer dog groomer delivery driver architect medical student doorman

sales rep transgender shop assistant lorry driver radio Dj builder farmer private security consultant

 gamer marine biologist  tv producer  psychologist hermit nanny carer actor mum  student physiotherapist

nurse waitress barrister escort scaffolder policeman student blacksmith [lady] accountant entrepreneur

contortionist tattoo artist teacher mercenary aircraft technician hairdresser painter plasterer cam girl  Dr of Japanese moviology!

accountants mechanic nanny control freak optician builder acrobat international pro footballer the inimitable pervy Kev a blogger (and excellent cook) general practitioners (don’t ask your GP for food advice! ask the blogger!) tiler stockbroker student mum British Physique Champion

It`s now ten+ years on, and the list is so long I`ve lost track of professions and lifestyles I`ve encountered. I suppose my original point was when I wrote this because all sorts of people come to me.
Personal Training doesn`t have to be for professionals who earn lots of money. I`ve kept my prices low to attract people to me and altho half of my clients say I should charge more, the other half only come to me because of my keen pricing.

A good client is not one that pays me lots of cash, the dude on a push bike who turns up each workout, interests me far more than the driver of Merc.
I`ve had lots of clients, but now i focus on clients who stick around and have a healthy mindset.
Mindset is everything.

The strategy works well and it also dawned on me that despite the diversity of careers with my clients, it does seem that most of my clients are not mainstream at all lol. There`s usually something that sets them aside from the norm.

I`m not what you would call a corporate style Personal Trainer, and I`m not after corporate style trainees. I like to think I appeal to a growing minority group who are individuals and not necessarily as mainstream as they`re exterior suggests…

I`m not trying to appeal to everyone!

typical crazycal client
James aka Roxy Monoxide, a man of many many talents

It`s not just about muscle…

The chap on the right ran 100 miles in 24 hours. and has the second-fastest Strava sprint time, RUNNING!!! up Gas Hill! No shit, it was one of the most impressive things I`ve seen in RL, I expected him to try a fastish jog, but he literally sprinted up it. He did that with no practice.. we could have had that record time with more planning! He did it vegan too.

back and biceps

Chris Pike Natural World Powerlifting Champion & NABBA Finalist.

chris pike endorsement contact“Cal has years of experience; his knowledge of training and diet has helped him achieve the look of a Hollywood Spartan with a hard-muscled, toned powerful physique.

Cal doesn’t have the pumped bloated muscles of a typical bodybuilder but a modern-day warrior’s lean hard look.

He’s achieved this despite chronic back injury performing strength endurance test most could only dream of, I’ve won National Power Lifting titles, and I’ve nothing but respect for Cal.

If you’re looking to achieve the best condition of your life or to get fit, Cal has the knowledge and ability to get you there. This guy practices what he preaches, and has the body to prove it!”

 For more information on how to contact me, click here.