Return of the Trap (bar)

Trap (bar)

The Trap Bar, the only way I discovered to train legs pre fusion.

Dismissed post fusion trying everyway possible to squat… In retrospect a fcuking dumbass thing to do.

Previous lifts have been 255kg as a partial single, 20×220 partial singles, 10x200kg, 3x10x190kg only last year.

Everytime I`ve demonstrated trap bar form the bars felt bloody heavy lol so given that and my new osteopath treatments success I thought I`d take it easy..
In the past that`d probly mean starting out at 200kg (partial) but I started out at 180kg instead.

So the plan was to do 30 single reps assuming all went well. I got 20 reps pretty easy, so I did the last 10 reps in 2 sets of 5 with a pause in between each rep.

Calves 4x10x57.5kg with a seconds pause at the bottom of each rep, probly need to improve the contraction at the top to a full second too..

Easy to have a quick clench when you`re screaming like a hamster being castrated on your last reps, or even the last 8 reps.

I took it easy on back work, 2 sets of laying pulldowns and  sets of widegrip, golf elbow was apparent but the direct joint pain has gone fingers crossed.

Anyhoo trap bar every week now along with sldl.

Current routine depending on whether I`m managing 3x a week or 2x aweek.


sldl 3×10 or some singles instead of last set

calves 4-8 sets of 10

biceps 4-6 sets dumbells and ez bar

chest 5×5

shoulders 3 sets of db press or military press. Failure each set

triceps 2 sets of dips, 2 sets of close grip thick db`s,  2 sets of pushdowns F

trap bar dunno the format yet maybe 20 singles

calves 4-8 sets of 10

back 4-6 sets of pulldowns close grip and wide sometimes chins elbows permitting


trap bar








Same rep formats but probably for less sets per exercises.

Potentially a week could be 25 sets all told.