RIP Milo

RIP Milo


1 of those horrible moments on FB today as i scrolled down the page and read RIP Milo, a good mates dogs and always upsetting for me as well when that happens.

I`m thinking of you mate…


Bench 5x5x72.5kg which was easy, when i did the weight 8 odd weeks back it wasnt lol, so despite losing abit of strength from man flu by dropping back i can tell how much my strength has increased.

Tried 5 or 6 set of 8 reps with thick handled 15kg db`s only last set was failure, a minute maybe in between sets.

10×8 dips

4? sets of tricep pushdowns 20kg 8 reps a set only really hitting failure on last set.

I want to keep my main upper body workout less demanding than the trap and deadlift ones.

Im really aiming for a lighthard and super hard thereby cycling intensity.. i usually peak all my exercises at the same time which i know is wrong..

Backs not too bad, not great but pretty good for my back lol..

Ohhh Yeeeah another mates being doing me an intro for my videos.. Thanks Dave 🙂