Training and what I require from you…

back and bicep deadlfts training

Righty ho then!

jamie dumbell press training clientIf you can come and train with me 2x a week and do 3 other days on your own, doing any activity you enjoy that burns calories you can look as good as any of my clients. Altho obviously no-ones going to look as fabulous as Roxi… [see below]

Don`t worry abouts “whats best,” just choose something you enjoy…
If you hate the thought of a crosstrainer, but like dancing, go and dance your arse off in your living room, you dont need to pay n go to a Zumba class.
If the thought of going for a run is hateful, as it is for me, go for a walk, go for a swim, doing something is better than doing nothing…

If you can be consistent, your choice will work…
If you do nothing, the only thing that’s guaranteed to happen is… nothing…


 ben client deadlift trainingI pare everything back to the basics, its all quite simple and not scary or dangerous…

If I can train with a spinal fusion, weight training is safe for practically anyone.

I focus heavily on safe , efficient  technique. Which time and time again has had new clients comment on, with more experienced trainers increasing PB`s with only 1 session with me!

I`m very proud of this fact.

If you want to use kettle bells, do crossfit or bootcamp type training, I am not your man, theyre all injuries waiting to happen and there are plenty of other Personal Trainers in Norwich who will charge you more and happily take your money. I have ethics and only promote safe, productive training, for £15 a workout.

Beginners training should start at the beginning.

deadlifts ladies glutes training.

Do not assume that cos the current Mr.Olympia trains 6x a week that you can train that often. It takes years to build up to that kind of frequency of training and make  progress. (if ever for your average genetic body type) That was my first mistake lol!!!

When you can grow using a basic no frills full body routine you`ll know to how to grow on a split routine done 2-3x a week. In my honest opinion its difficult to grow training more than 3x a week if natural.

I don`t beleive you should train till you are free of all aches from previous workout as its when you rest that your muscle grows.

A simple full body routine that I use…

Deadlifts alternated with squats each workout.

[these must be started with light weights and form must be solid before weight is added seriously]

bench press

close grip pull downs

calf raises

military press

bicep curls


triceps push downs

M arms figure training sqAll done for 2-3 sets of 10 with the same working weight for each set of the exercise. ie only last set will be set to failure.

Adding 2.5kg to the bar each week is about right.

When you struggle to do that, focus on adding 2.5kg to the first 3 exercises only and simply maintain the weight and reps on the last.

[don`t assume 3 sets is best for you..its a common mistake, try 2 sets and 2 x a week a week to start with.]

The “ego” is one of the hardest lessons to learn and should be harnessed at the earliest opportunity. Ego lifting is one of the biggest factors in overtraining and injury.

If you can harness your “ego” and use its enthusiasm to make sure you train when your supposed to without fail and be consistent with your diet and rest it`ll work for you…


training pulldowns personal trainer clientIt took me many years to harness my “ego” and I`ve made every mistake out there.. and then I tried harder… That wasn`t the answer. The answer was to train less and let my body adapt through extra rest.

When the weight builds up over the weeks you`ll find it harder to add weight to the exercises. When the added weight is making it hard to complete the routine cos you`re running out of energy its time to split the routine.

Its crucial not to simply add weight too quickly. You want your body to adapt to the extra stresses, for this to happen when reps are coming harder 1kg increments are needed. With a good clean diet high in protein and adequate carbs n fats your body will adapt its not just  a case of manning up and just lifting the weight!)

Rest = getting youre sleep sorted and making sure you`re getting 8 hours a night EVERY night.

A very basic 2 day split Ive followed…



Incline bench press

Dips/close grip bench press dependent on strength





Military press

Chins (or close grip pulldowns)



personal trainer client ryan killer absIf that was following on from the full body routine (FB) I`d keep sets/reps/weights the same. The decreased volume will allow to carry on adding weight to the bar.

Its imperative to start using 2 x 0.5kg plates now. Although for deads n squats you may find you can add 2.5kg a week regularly for quite a while longer as they are the biggest exercises.

That is if you get enough rest.

Simple common sense training + simple clean high protein diet + 8 hours sleep every night = results.

Results do not require rocket science…

They do require you to forget most of what you will have have read from the general flex, mens health, n the plethora of celebrity glossy magazines…

Whilst I trained 2x a week for 8 odd years, I do now train 3 and sometimes even 4 x a week. I`ve gotten this very wrong in the past due to my interpretation of routines. Something i still work hard on myself.

I can have the same chat with 10 people and all will put they`re own slant and interpretation on it.. as I have done.

If it`s warranted I`m happy to have clients train a third day each week for free, assuming they have the ability to train hard on they`re own.

By that time I`d expect clients to have earned they`re discounted rate by learning what I`m teaching. Sounds obvious, but some clients expect to cruise through and let me do all the thinking for them..

crazycal trap barWhilst it`s warranted I will, but if you cant add up and put plates on a bar yourself when taught, that ain`t good… The more you understand, the better your results will be.

Initially I felt awkward putting the responsibility on a client, but I dont now as it`s important the client takes responsibility for the numbers on the bar too…

I train a young autistic guy who`s brilliant at learning form but finds it really hard to warm up and add his plates correctly, but he does and now he gets it right most of the time.. and I bollock him when he gets it wrong the same as everyone else.. and as a result, the more responsibility I give him the better he responds.

Everyone gets treated the same and as a result we`re good friends too.

I`ve now invited him to train for free for a third day, when I`m training at the same time, with the expectation hes going to be a training partner rather than someone I do everything for.

rose client back lean muscleIn fact he`s one of the few chaps I do train with who`s not scared to give me feedback on my own lifting lol which is great for me 🙂

I made many mistakes in the past and one of them was doing as many workouts a week as there were days in the week..

Then cutback till i was on 2x a week lol.. I wasted ooooh on and off 15 years like that..

This time I started on 2, went to 3 and when I got 3x a week training`s interpretation correct I recently retried a 4 day split, basically due to how limited I am for cardio options with my back.

Basically I don`t try as hard on 2 of the days, and cycle my INTENSITY as well as my poundages and deload or cutback regularly, in relation to where I am in the training cycle.

My 3 day split goes as follows.


Bench press  (5 working sets all done to failure. i take a little weight off the bar each set.)

Shoulder press db or bb (3-5 working sets all done to failure.)

Triceps doing

Close grip db press 2×10 reps+

Skull crushers 2×10 reps+ to failure

Triceps cable pushdowns 3-5 sets 10+ reps to failure


Deadlifts (basically a modified version of Wendlers 5 3 1 meaning I`ve cut back on some of the volume)

A form of a glute/ham raise (3 working sets cumulaltive fatigue style rather than failure on every set.)

Lunges 2×10

Calves!!! I`ve recently been using James Colliers format that be found here. Also 4 sets of 20 all sets the same weight with 1 mins rest between sets and also another format which uses a TUT (time under tension) of 50 secs for every set, with all the reps done slowly.

All variations rely on short rests, high reps, BRUTAL relentless addition of weight (so start out light-but you wont until you`re forced lol, been there, bought the motherfcuking teach shirt lol ) and wasted many years!

1kg on the bar every fcuking week!

Bicep curls DB or BB altho EZ is more comfortable IMO (5 sets of 10+ to failure


Trap Bar (best money I`v spent in my life!) or squats (which i wasted many years trying to find a way round with my back to no avail) either done using Wendlers 5 3 1 format of %.

Roman chair sissy squat 8×8 30 secs between sets.

Back (doesnt matter if you chin, seated row, wide grip pulldown or close grip, 3-5 sets, all cumulative fatigue style and tbh something I think of as an accessory exercise and never push that hard, you find if you can deadlift or trap bar, your back just grows, in fact its by far the most reliable growth zone all my clients have)

Calves again for me. (4 sets all cumulative fatigue style )

Whatever day you start your training week on is irrelevant, but it`s crucial the splits are adhered to, done in the correct order and with the correct amount of rest days in between!!!

I usually try to have a client in with me after a couple of months and as odd as this sounds I`ve turned housewives with just an average attitude, to serious trainers literally overnite..

My 4 day split.

Now then, I am acutely aware of the realities of overtraining and any signs of it will result in deload weeks or if appropriate a week off.

It`s now even more important to cycle INTENSITY and cut back on volume.

Again, whatever day you start your training week on is irrelevant, but it`s crucial the splits are adhered to, done in the correct order and with the correct amount of rest days in between!!!


Bench press currently with a football bar (3 sets cumulative fatigue style, with 3 mins rest, 2 back downs sets with only 1 mins rest at 70% of my working weight)

Back (5 sets of whatever rows I choose for a 3 month done cumulative fatigue style)


Deads (Wendlers 5 3 1)

Glute/ham raise (5 sets cumulative fatigue style with 1 mins rest)

Lunges 2×10

Calves (as above)


Dumbbell press (5 sets cumulative fatigue style with 90 secs to 2 mins rest)

Biceps (5 sets to failure on all sets. !kg increase every week.

Tri`s (as above 2 sets of cgdb, skulls and pushdowns)


Trap Bar ( Wendlers 5 3 1 style)

Calves again lol

If your a beginner dont try and take 1 minute rests, you`ll underperform and your form will get shit very quickly..

Don`t get hooked up, as I have in the past on gaining mass, my wasted years squatting post fusion, when I should have carried on with trap bar was so wasteful.

As soon as I refocussed on getting stronger, the mass started to come too. I went from a constant acheing back with even THE most anal of form, squatting basically nowhere near my potential and pulling 600lbs on my trap bar with in a year with no increase in my daily back pain. I`m easily in the best shape of my life too… Doh!

The secret is, there is no secret..

omar trap bar training clientI take clients through precisely what I`ve described showing them the pit falls and how to avoid them along the way.

I will take you through a “training cycle” and show you how to grow, be it male or female, heavy or underweight, desiring muscle mass or simple toning, how to create a diet that will accentuate curves or hone 6 packs…

I find that stereotypical trainers plateau after 6-8 weeks in the gym, then either give up or as  do try harder and not get anywhere…

I can guarantee you wont plateau again… unless its a personal best which we will then regroup and I`ll show you how to beat it again and again. Once you can do this for one exercise you can do it for others..

You will  then essentially not need a Personal Trainer.

That is my goal with all my clients.

Ideally after 4 months I`ll have enthused you enough to buy a bench and some basic weights which wont take up much space, rather than joining a mainstream gym.

Ideally, then start training 1x week with me and 1x a week on your own and ultimately training on your own with occasional revisits every couple of months to make sure progress is optimal..

It`s not about the money it`s about getting results, which lead to referrals 🙂

 600 lb`s.


When you lift you should be “A portrait of controlled fury”.

I took 6 months to build up to this weight, a week off before hand and 10 years to prepare for it. All week all I was thinking about what I was going to do and how I was going to do it. Fcuk yeah I was scared, but only of failing.

James aka “The Beast” aka Roxi Monoxide aka Jim Webb.


One of my favourite clients…

typical crazycal client

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