Trap Bar Training Cycle

Trap Bar Training Cycle

Well trap bar is going good!

I`ve been recording the last set of 5×5 each week to monitor my form, but today i tried my first heavy single for several years.

When the cycle of 5×5 is over i`ll put the first week and last week sets back to back to show it`s not only possible to keep your form when weights get heavy, but imperative.

When you lose form you lose efficiency, so you lift less and make it harder to lift less too.

There are no caveats for poor form!

I pulled 200kg today 5×5 and altho cadence is obviously a little slower the footprint of my lift isnt changing.

Fat loss is dripping away nicely, another half notch down on the belt today even if it was only before meal 1 lol, but post training in the mirror is showing improvements practically every week.

Total cals are around 27000, macros 50% C, 30% P, 20% F (ish) at the stage i`m at now ive no interest in any more detail than that, i know how i`m trimming cals slowly is working, i`m holding muscle better than expected, numbers are great if theyre your thing lol, but all i need to know is the amount im eating and the amount i`m slowly removing..

its abit like knowing your exact bodyfat percentage, being 10 or 11%? does it matter? or does what really matter boil down to what you see in the mirror and tape measure?

I am still tempted to up carbs to 60% because so far cutting on 50 30 20 has gone equally as well as 40 40 20 and its more palatable.

imo most people cock theyre diets up trying too hard, trying to do a diet they either dont understand because theyre a beginnner on an advanced diet and/or they cant stick to it.

Then claim the diet doesnt work “for them” as an “individual” because they interpreted it wrongly. Namely because diet and calories needed are heavily linked to training/cardio frequency and recovery.

Food doesnt eliminate the need for rest and lack of rest fcuks the metabolism heavily, making condition harder to achieve because your body is fighting you more than it will with the right recipe.

anyhoo lol Selfie in a cage… i deserve one..

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