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The Norwich Personal Trainer

Body Conscious? Back Pain!? Anxiety?
I`ve had them all!

Made in `67 – No Excuses

Hey there! I’m Cal, If you need a Personal Trainer in Norwich to help to achieve your goals, I can help.

I provide an friendly and effective Personal Training service in the NR3 area, working with a small group of committed clients who wish to make a lifestyle change and transform themselves in my private, Covid-19 free gym for an initial £20 a workout.

So do you want to “Just tone up”? Lose weight? Build muscle? Improve health and longevity? Keep your head straight? I’m not just another personal or fitness trainer.

I get REAL no BS results!

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The Bodyworks Gym

Is my private gym for the Body Conscious, which has a real gym atmosphere for typical people. Where you have your own work station and your workouts are guided, supervised and tailored to you..

There’s so much more to fat loss than just increasing exercise. Diet and nutrition are equally important and shouldn’t be classed as a chargeable extra!

I’ll teach you all you need to know about food too as I believe your goal should be to become nutritionally aware to ensure your mental strength matches your physical strength…

Increased nutritional self-discipline means you’ll eat properly and your body will function better – more efficiently.

This will increase your sense of well-being and you will start to become the strongest version of you.

Aren’t you sick of feeling like you do?

Its actually quite an effort to keep it up isn’t it.

Isn’t it time to give your body a break?

That’s me speaking from experience!

So how much do you want to change?


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Talk about blossom!!!

Apps & training from home

Have you been weight training from home over Lockdown using an App? Well done! But are you getting the results you expected?

If you can give me a month and I`ll show you how to make it all work… Thats how M started.

Have you lost you mojo?

personal trainer norwich
It`s not just about weight loss… WOW!

The Truth

The secret is, there is no secret, there are no magic beans because I’m not going to lie to you, it’s bloody hard work, but I’ll do everything I can to enable you to be consistent.

If you can be consistent, you`ll get results and it’ really is that simple and I like simple…

If you can come and weight train with me twice a week, there’s a very good chance you won’t need a Personal Trainer within three months and you’ll be capable of weight training in a mainstream gym if you choose.

I don’t beast you into submission and many of my clients continue to train with me as they enjoy it.

I actually teach clients and as your knowledge grows, so do you…


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Scrubs up well! 🙂

I’m not one of those Personal Trainer in Norwich who expect you to come forever. Unless you want to…

It only takes one decision to change your life…

Dr P Cambridge University

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My first success

“Offers a brilliant one of a kind service, I have been training with Cal for a year now and have had a great one on one time with Cal which has helped my training no end.

A fountain of knowledge on everything fitness which means you get the best value for money. Cal has helped me dramatically change my body with personalized diets and training plans tailored to suit me!

Overall a top-class personal trainer who GUARANTEES results!”

Douglas Black Extreme Nutrition Ltd

endorsement extreme nutrition_ a force of nature“Cal’s knowledge about diet, weight training, exercise and fitness is superb.

His many years of weight training have let him try many different approaches to staying in shape, and from this, he can give his pupils the best possible advice.

I thoroughly believe anyone embarking on a fitness regime would benefit significantly from Cal, most people drop out due to lack of motivation and results.

Cal will keep you motivated and help you attain the body you want.”

Sponsor of Laurence Sharleigh Europes Strongest Man

RIP Mate and Thank You…
Without your help I would be nothing.


The Bodyworks Gym and Personal Training, The Best Private Gym in Norwich for Personal Training for Ladies and Gentlemen.

Call Cal for results.


The Bodyworks, 2A Ladysmith Road, Norwich, Nr3 4TN

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