Contact for Personal Training

Contact for Personal Training

Phone  /Whatsapp 07884 160 663 Cal for results

The Bodyworks, 2a Ladysmith Road, off Silver Road, NR3 4TN

Contact for Personal Training


The first step

I like prospective Personal Training clients to come and meet me before booking a session to have a good chat to discuss your goals and expectations.

I`ll then be able to outline my methods and expectations for what it will take to get the results you want.

I can appreciate the prospect might be quite nerve-racking, but I`m quite nice 🙂


prices for personal training

Fabulous gym to match the trainer.

Recommended highly to any female who is interested in weight lifting and feels intimidated in other gyms.

It’s personal and private, which is what I was looking for to gain my confidence.

Well over a 5* recommendation from me. 🙂

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Mr.X was a Royal Marine who yomped across the Falkland Islands, worked as a Private Security operative shooting Pirates off the coast of Africa and collected debts for a Rothschild.

He said my training was credible.


3 months personal training
Laura lived the life and was a pleasure to work with.

​Personal Training Statistics

If you’re interested in some benefits of personal training here`s some statistics.

Research published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning found that members who train with a PT achieve significantly greater fitness improvements than those who don’t…


  • Lean body mass – increased by an average of 1.3kg in personal training group versus zero in self-training.
  • Chest press strength (1RM) – increased by 42% in the PT group versus 19% in self-trained.

  • Leg press strength – improved by 38% in the PT group versus 25% in self-trained.

  • Leg power (vertical jump) – increased 6% in the PT group versus 0.6% in self-trained.

  • Aerobic capacity (VO2 max) – increased 7% in the PT group but decreased by 0.3% in self-trained.

  • These personal training results statistics demonstrate the value of working with a qualified PT compared with trying to achieve goals alone.

The Bodyworks Gym and Personal Training, The Best Private Gym in Norwich for Personal Training for Ladies and Gentlemen.

Call Cal for results.


The Bodyworks, 2A Ladysmith Road, Norwich, Nr3 4TN

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