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Douglas Black Owner of Extreme Nutrition Ltd

“Cal’s knowledge about diet, training, exercise and fitness is superb.

His many years of training have let him try many different approaches to staying in shape, and from this, he can give his pupils the best possible advice.

I thoroughly believe anyone embarking on a fitness regime would benefit spending time with Cal. Most people drop out due to lack of motivation and results.

Cal will keep you motivated and help you attain the body you want.”

RIP Mate.

Thank You.
Sponsor of Laurence Shaleigh Europes Strongest Man 2016

<Now that is a serious no bullshit endorsement>
Chris Pike Natural World Powerlifting Champion & NABBA Finalist
chris pike endorsement contact

“Cal has years of experience; his knowledge of training and diet has helped him achieve the look of a Hollywood Spartan with a hard-muscled, toned, powerful physique.

Not the pumped bloated muscles of a typical bodybuilder, but the lean hard look of a modern-day warrior.

He’s achieved this despite chronic back injury performing strength endurance test most could only dream of, I’ve won National Power Lifting titles, and I’ve nothing but respect for Cal.

If you’re looking to achieve the best condition of your life or to get fit, Cal has the knowledge and ability to get you there. This guy practices what he preaches, and has the body to prove it!”
muscle chick

Fabulous gym to match the trainer.

Recommended highly to any female who is interested in weight lifting and feels intimidated in other gyms.

It’s personal and private, which is what I was looking for to gain my confidence.
contact 5 star personal trainer

Well over a 5* recommendation from me. 🙂
omar build muscle

Cal`s helped me with my diet and getting stronger.

I had an operation on my chest when I was younger and this year is the first year that my t-shirt will be coming off at the beach!

I honestly never thought weight training would be for me, but I really enjoy it.

I find gaining weight really hard, and Cal`s helped me gain a stone in 10 months, and I`m still really lean!

I love deadlifts!

I`ve been training with Cal for 5 months now, and we have a great working relationship.

I hadn`t realised how much I`d let my food slip since I started Uni and had gotten a bit of chub appearing around my waist.

Cal sorted my food out, got me doing cardio that I enjoy, and I`m feeling good about myself!

When I leave Uni, I`m going to keep lifting. Cal doesn’t show you exercises he explains them. He`s a good teacher!

I`ve been training with Cal for 6 months. He`s not only helped with my weight loss but has helped me be more confident and improved my self-esteem.

I`m becoming my old self again!

With Cal`s advice, I`ve easily controlled my pre-diabetes, and I`m shocked that I like weight training.

I`m probably going to end up with an arse like one of those Instagram girls!

I`m back!


Great set up run by a top chap. Encouragement and motivation in equal measure and pushes you to new levels. Looking forward to 2016 and seeing the changes.
ben before after progress

It was a good year 🙂

Haley is a friend of mine, whom I`ve helped over the years, deal with some food issues…
Sometimes the mental battle is greater than the physical one…