Prices for Personal Training

My Prices for Personal training

prices for personal training
Maryam National Powerlifter

I charge the prices of £20 per session for Personal Training leading to £15 at my discretion and a third training day per week for free.

I charge £10 for 1 hour if you use the private gym without me.

I charge £50 if you wish to group hire the private gym for 1 hour without me.

I charge £100 for use as a private filming location for 4 hours.

As I aim to charge all long term clients a discounted £15 with a third free day, I sadly don`t discount my prices for couples or groups or do special packages which are essentially gimmicks. I try to be transparent.

I treat every new client as if they require a 3 month transformation assuming that`s acceptable and desired.

However if you come to me with limited finances and want me to help as much as I can over 1 month I will happily do that and help you train productively from home.

Waiting List

Dependent on how busy I am, or the time of day you require Personal Training, there may be a waiting list-usually no more than a month.

Sadly Due to Covid and social distancing, I`m only having two people at a time in the gym so have had to increase my pricing for personal training.

I require an initial deposit of £20.

I will then set your diet, your cardio, explain and take you through your training routine. Then continue to help you to track your diet and training each workout.

Due to Covid I will start your food and activity plan for you immediately, as I`d like your immune system to be as perky as possible and in good stead for your weight training as its far more demanding than most hobby sports..

I will do this for free altho it’s usually an ongoing process as is training itself.

Please allow 2 hours for your first workout.

I charge £20 per workout.

You will train 2x a week. (usually either Monday/Thursday or Tuesday /Friday, or if I`m busy Wednesday/Sunday)

That`s a monthly fee of £160.

Can you afford to do this?

I will offer a 3rd free workout per week at my discretion when earned or warranted and a price reduction to £15.
This price would bring your monthly fee of £120.

Can you afford to do this?

This is heavily linked to your desire to learn, not just your performance. You cant put a price on keen!

Gym fees are to be paid one month in advance, with ALL cancellations, for whatever reason, sadly being charged for. When you eat properly, it`s rare to get a cold and no one I train wants to miss workouts.

It`s rare for successful clients to cancel. 🙂

If you do have to cancel, I will endeavor to get you in ASAP so you don`t miss a workout or get charged for a service you haven`t used.

If it becomes a habit, we reassess.

Stuff I will do for free

Soo, You`ve made it past my pricing!

If you have a question about weight training, or you`d like me to write you a routine I`m happy to help.

You might not need a routine, but need to be shown how to correctly interpret the routine, any proven routine that is, and that`s not a big deal. (Altho be wary of Instagram routines)

I`m happy to set your food and show you how to eat, even if you have no intention of doing any exercise. (Bad plan)

It’s not the big deal and its made out to be and that`s a very sad state of affairs for an average person wanting to lose the first couple stone on their journey.

It’s only the last stone that`s hard and no-one I talk to needs striated glutes! (apart from Rebekah)

If you ask my advice I will give it and you`ll find even for free I`m happy to put in as much enthusiasm and effort as you.

However I`m not dragging you in off the street to brainwash you with my thoughts, so if you don’t like my advice, don’t take it.

If you ask a question and I give you an answer, if you then ask 10 more hypothetical answers before you’ve tried my advice, you`ll receive no more advice.

If I can give you results for you free, what do YOU think will happen as a client?

Now then, here`s the thing!

If you read all the pages of my website, you will have as much of the information that you need (in generic terms that is  suitable for all people) to lift weights and and create a diet that works.

I have shown you 2, 3 and 4 days training splits that are guaranteed to work for everyone and I have shown you how to add weight to the bar (which is where most people mess up).

I have left direct links at the bottom of each page to help. (Wendlers 531 routine and a rep calculator just in case)

I have shown you how to construct a diet with proven parameters, using macros that will work for everyone and given you a starter diet as a sample plan.

People get bogged down in what works best for them and to a degree some people will get better results than others, but everyone will get results.

It is peoples skewed personal interpretations that ruin proven strategies.

rose squats personal training
Be like Rose!

Squats for example work for everyone, but some people like myself may get back pain from them, so yes a less productive exercise option is a good idea, but even with my less than perfect limb lengths I would squat if it was an option.

I have never heard of a male lifter swapping out bench press because well.. its muh chest isn`t it lol.

Whether its a good choice or not no one complains about bench press even if they`re chest development is crap. (I prefer dips btw)

Squats are painful, people look for easy options and hide behind individualism a lot, claiming,”but I want what works best for me”..

I have never met anyone who`s active to struggle to lose weight, even on a sub par diet! ie activity burns fat in everyone.

In the 80`s everyone did sit ups. Then it became all about crunches..

I was given a sit up bench recently and it`s awesome!

Crunches hurt my back, so i can`t do them, most ab work hurts my back as it goes. So imagine my shock when I tried a sit up bench and it didn`t!

I discovered this.

Soo, sit ups were poo poo`d historiCally as they work your hip flexors as well as your abs.

Crunches work only your abs, and, if you don`t get back pain as I do, crunches are very easy to do and as an isolation exercise, target the abs and not much else.

Sit ups are a compound exercise which will build more muscle.

They are considerably harder than a crunch.

They not only work your abs, but your hip flexors too (upper quads seemingly too).

So, when you do a bicep curl are you worried about working your forearms as well as your biceps? Of course not, so why would you not train both sides of your hip joint?

I have found after squats/leg day, that sit ups are perfect finisher for the session.

This is also why hip thrusts are also being pushed currently.

All the ladeez want to build they`re butt, hip thrusts target the butt (it`s an isolation exercise) and they`re easier than squats, but they aren`t as effective as squats.

Squats are painful, people want an easy fix instead of putting the time in and building they`re squat weight up.

Just imagine an easy gaining lady, who focuses on hip thrusts and not squats, they manage to get some size and muscle on they`re butt and have puny legs, it would just look wrong!

The one missing factor on my site is exercise technique. I plan to remedy that with a comprehensive playlist of videos, which I`m dreading as I`ll have to talk on camera lol.

There is a skill in conveying understandable cues that beginners will understand. I use where possible 1 syllable instructions and use extremely simple analogies to get the point across.

This is where the sports science crew expose themselves as they rely on theory and too techniCal descriptive terms usually rather than what happens in the real world.

There`s a reason I`ve been in the industry for 10+ years and  made a success of my business, where many PTs dont. They can`t put what they know into practice with clients. Oh they can quote studies lol, but parroting studies isn`t knowing.

In fact, its not how much you know, Its how much you understand what you know.
I know very little, but what I do know, I understand it on an almost? autistic level.

This a favorite quote.

Albert Einstein: The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

This is something I was very guilty of when I trained for years getting nowhere!

Now I`m not the biggest guy ( I have the bone structure of a ladyboy for 1) but for a 54 year old dude, with a fused back and wrist, I`m in pretty good shape comparable to any age group.

Lots of trainers can get good results for themselves, but not always for they`re clients, because they can`t teach what they know.

Teaching is is my forte! But would you trust a trainer who knew everything, but wasn`t in shape?

That`s not to say you can`t, but would you?

An example springs to mind

Matt came to me after training with a dude for 10 months. This dude was a jacked up specimen who enjoyed the trenbaloney sandwiches and he looked fcuking awesome.

But after 10 months Matt didn`t. Matt wasn`t on gear, but the dude trained him as if he was.

I`m like, daaamn, you get your easiest results in the first 6 months, wtf am I gonna do to get him growing.

The same as what I always do essentially.

3 months into training with me, his training partner commented on Matts growth since he`d been coming. His training partner was the most observant man I`ve ever met.

This is because he was a Royal Marine, who yomped across the Falklands with a 90kg bergan for god knows how many miles, was a private security operative who shot pirates and essentially the most credible guy I`ve ever met.

His dad was SAS and the second person to ever have a fusion on his back. He was paralyzed from the operation. So you can imagine what that story meant to me.

He had some amazing stories..

He also said my training was credible, which is the endorsement that means more to me than any of the others-even the world champion.

But I digress ( a lot and frequently 🙂 )

Now Matt’s original trainer had a thing about improving his shoulders, a fair point as his shoulders were not a strong point, but first things first, lets build your weights up and see how things grow before we consider specialization.

And you know what, after 10 months his shoulders were not a weak point, they were respectable. We did no isolation’s, we did a straight 3-5 sets of shoulder press per week, but we did do a lot of trap bar deadlifting and that was the key.

Trap bar deadlifts grow everywhere, he didn`t do them previously and he loved them and had a 200kg pull under his belt 🙂

Matt now has a gym in his garage, it`s his sit up bench I`ve got and I`ve given him my original trap bar, which almost has my DNA ingrained into it.

I cant find Matts 200kg vid, but I`ll keep trawling my vaults.

It must be weird for a website to talk to you as another human being rather than a commodity for a sales pitch! 🙂


M`s arms cost her six months of hard work, and she never skipped meals or workouts.

It`s not how committed you are on day 1. It’s how committed you are on week 10… 20… 30…

I can help you be consistent, but it still takes hard work and self-discipline from you.

If you think you’ve got what it takes, why not phone me for a chat or drop in for a coffee and I`ll take you through my methods.


I have an extremely eclectic stable of clients who trained with me over the years.

plumber web designer drag queen photographer NLP area manager IT consultant engineer

lawyer bricklayer porn star chef window fitter social worker a very rich dude warehouse manager model

pro gambler international goalkeeper orthopaedic surgeon dr. p physicist personal trainer philosopher (no job)

film producer carpet fitter Swedish street dancer dog groomer delivery driver architect medical student doorman

sales rep transgender shop assistant lorry driver radio Dj builder farmer private security consultant

gamer marine biologist tv producer psychologist hermit nanny carer actor mum student physiotherapist

nurse waitress barrister escort scaffolder policeman student blacksmith [lady] accountant entrepreneur

contortionist tattoo artist teacher mercenary aircraft technician hairdresser painter plasterer cam girl Dr of Japanese moviology!

accountants mechanic nanny control freak optician builder acrobat the inimitable pervy Kev a blogger g(and excellent cook) General practitioners (don’t ask your GP for food advice! ask the blogger!) tiler stockbroker  British Physique Champion.

10+ years on

a typical personal training client
Fcuking love James

It`s now ten+ years on, and the list is so long I`ve lost track of professions and lifestyles I`ve encountered. I suppose my original point was when I wrote this because all sorts of people come to me.

Personal Training doesn`t have to be for professionals who earn lots of money. I`ve kept my prices low to attract people to me and altho half of my clients say I should charge more, the other half only come to me because of my keen pricing.

A good client is not one that pays me lots of cash, the dude on a push bike who turns up each workout, interests me far more than the driver of Merc.

I`ve had lots of clients, but now I focus on clients who stick around and have a healthy mindset.

Mindset is everything.

The strategy works well and it also dawned on me that despite the diversity of careers with my clients, it does seem that most of my clients are not mainstream at all lol. There`s usually something that sets you aside from the norm.

I`m not what you would call a corporate style Personal Trainer, and I`m not after corporate style trainees. I like to think I appeal to a growing minority group who are individuals and not necessarily as mainstream as they`re exterior suggests…

I`m not trying to appeal to everyone!

prices for personal training

Chris Pike Natural World Powerlifting Champion & NABBA Finalist

world champion“Cal has years of experience; his knowledge of training and diet has helped him achieve the look of a Hollywood Spartan with a hard-muscled, toned powerful physique.

Cal doesn’t have the pumped bloated muscles of a typical bodybuilder but a modern-day warrior’s lean hard look.

He’s achieved this despite chronic back injury performing strength endurance test most could only dream of, I’ve won National Power Lifting titles, and I’ve nothing but respect for Cal.

If you’re looking to achieve the best condition of your life or to get fit, Cal has the knowledge and ability to get you there. This guy practices what he preaches, and has the body to prove it!”

I met up with Chris At the NABBA British Finals and even tho he was starving and about to step on stage, he had the inclination to still have a chat with me.. Amazing dude.

prices for personal trainign

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